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Learn More About Dental Care from our Family Dentist Office

If you are concerned about dental checkups for your children and yourself, then you may benefit from a family dentist.

Parents often prioritize their children’s dental care without thinking of their own health. For some reasons, they think they need a special dentist for their adult needs. From infancy to adulthood, a family dentist provides services for all members of the family.

What to expect at a family dentist office

Routine visits

According to the American Dental Association, about two in three Americans go for regular dental care. When you visit a family dentist office for your routine care, the dentist will conduct a series of screenings. These will detect healthy and diseased areas in the mouth. Even if you do not see issues at home, your dentist may spot warning signs of possible problems. As is the case with most issues, early intervention is the best treatment.

After the examination, the dentist will inform you of the result and discuss the course of treatment with you. Usually, the dentist will create a unique plan suitable for your dental needs.

Dental cleaning and advice

In some cases, your dental care is not complete until you have undergone dental cleaning. This is often performed by the dental hygienist who works to eliminate plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums. Without routine cleaning, the plaque can cause oral diseases such as gingivitis.

The dental hygienist may also apply sealants, fluoride treatments and teach you the best ways to take care of your oral health. This is a vital lesson for children that a family dentist office provides. Your children will learn about oral hygiene habits, the best way to brush and floss and nutritional choices.

Correcting dental issues

It is not uncommon for a child to need professional dental care. Common dental problems include decaying teeth, missing or loose teeth and sensitivity. For parents, your dental restorations may wear down and can be fixed easily by a family dentist.

The dental office is the first place to go once you notice any sign of discomfort or changes in your mouth. It could be a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or a tooth that needs extraction.

During dental emergencies, the dentist may decide to solve the issue personally or refer you to a specialist. Dental experts, such as prosthodontists and oral maxillofacial surgeons, are uniquely trained to handle complicated conditions involving the jaw and teeth.

Cosmetic improvements

Dental care is also a way to improve the appearance of your teeth. People who have crooked, missing or crowded teeth often visit cosmetic dentists to correct these issues. Your family dentist will offer ways of improving your smile.

The dentist may recommend orthodontists and prosthodontists if a family member needs braces or more advanced care like maxillofacial surgery.

Do you need a family dentist?

If you want to improve your family’s oral health while reducing time spent at different offices, then a family dentist is a great choice. Call our office to see how we can keep your family healthy.

Are you considering seeing a family dentist in the Plano area? Get more information at https://activedentalplano.com.

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