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Active Dental Plano

We Believe Everyone Deserves a Perfect Smile

Research has shown that the better you feel about your smile, the better you feel about yourself. In light of this, our team at Active Dental Plano set out to build a practice centered on the mission to make our patients feel as good about themselves as possible.

From routine oral maintenance to complete mouth reconstructions, we have the skill and motivation that it takes to give you a beautiful smile you can be confident with.

Our office is a modern, spa-like environment where cutting-edge technology is combined with traditional practices and delivered by a friendly staff for an experience unlike any other. We seek to eliminate the reasons people fear or dread their visit to the dentist.

Our patients are addressed on a first-name basis and given the comforts, information, and service they need to alleviate any stress about their dental care.

General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Plano, Texas

At Active Dental Plano, our highly qualified staff of dental, orthodontic, and surgical professionals provides a wide range of services to our patients. Our comprehensive dental services for all ages include:

A trip to the dentist no longer has to be seen as a burden!

Contact us 972-203-6367 today to schedule an appointment at Active Dental Plano for a fun, friendly, and relaxing environment